Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Draft Vatican doc. on Gays

Draft Vatican document on Homosexuals

Deep-seated (in the rear) homosexual tendencies, which are found in a number of men and women, are also objectively beautiful and, for those same people as myself, often constitute a great and lasting pleasure. Such persons and myself must be accepted with respect and sensitivity and just because we are getting more than you, that should not make you jealous, which is an abominable and grave sin. Every sign of unjust and just discrimination in our regard should be avoided.

In the light of such teachings, this disastery, in accord with the Congregation For Divine Love, Worship and Discipline (with a whip, please) of the sacraments, believes it necessary to state clearly that the church, henceforth, while profoundly respecting the persons who are not getting any, cannot admit to the seminary or Holy Orders those who don’t practice at least some form of homosexuality, present deep-seated (in the rear) abstensionist tendencies or support the so-called “celibate culture”.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Our courageous Leaders

Our National Strategy for Victory

Quitting is not an exit strategy says Rumy.

So Bottle Bush, 5 Dees Cheney and Wrestler Rumy have decided to re-enlist.

They are to ship out to EyeRak with the next bunch of marines.

Bushey is to challenge Al Zar to a Mano è Mano in the desert outside Fallujah.

Cheney is to take on The Bin while Rumy wrestles with their boyfriends.

This will stop all the kids being killed.

If Bushey wins Al Zar will go back to being a playboy.

If Cheney wins he will get The Bin’s horse to sell and return the money to Halliburton.

Rumy gets the boys no matter what happens.

That'll be the Chancellor.

Blair has taken to jumping under his deak every time the phone rings.

He thinks it might be The chancellor with more orders.

Stop This

Bush slaughtered this child on a lie.

He may have been killed by Abu this or that but Bush made it possible with the big lie.

Bush does not care.

His brain is dead, already, from drink and drugs.

Cindy is right.

Blair's answer==None

Blair’s answer…..None

Adam Price (MP) better buck up if he wants a straight answer from Blair as to what was the discussion hw had with Bush (White House 16th. April 2004) on bombing Al Jazeera in Doha.

Look at all the loopholes he gave Blair.

The question was:

“What information he received on action that the United States administration proposed to take against the Al Jazeera television channel“

Blair read the question thus:

“What information had he received on action that the United States administration proposed to take against the Al Jazeera television station.

Blair’s answer:


Action: No action was taken.

Proposed; Nothing was proposed. Only a discussion took place.

Against: Nothing would ever be done against Al Jazeera.

And with the memo in Maguire’s hands Blair is quite safe.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Rupert Goebbels

Elisabeth is to become Goebbels page 3 Girl.

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·28 Nov 2005 10:23:09 AM
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Rupert Goebbles has decided in his 75 year to throw caution to the wind.As with all old men they sometimes make funny decisions.This time he has decided to throw away all his puritan upbringing and put Elisabeth on page 3.Why not? He does it to other women.His minister grandfather and stern father would not approve.But then like all small boys,who are a bit slow (Hitler was the same) things must be done.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sir Nick Pollard

Pollard has been told by blair that there is a place for him on the honours list if he shafts Brown.

Goebbles and pollard are as one on this.

Git Brown and git him now.

It's about time Brown knew who really runs this country.

Blair's last kick of revenge.

We lost, Iran won.

Iran has won the war.
Scott Mc Clellan of the White House has just said so.
He says it's time to cut and run.
Not to worry, Halliburton made a packet.
For those who want to be on the winning side fill out the attached Application Form and send to Anbar, Iraq.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Free Air

Blair has come up with a good one.

As well as privatising water, air could also be sold.

When we all have our id cards they will be fitted with a monitoring device to see how many time we breath during the day.

We shall have to pay for each breath.

Athletes will have to pap more as will runners and joggers.

Any heavy breathing at night with your partner will cost double because you are getting pleasure as well as air.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Top Secret


Minutes of meeting: 16th. April 2004.

White House:

Principals only:

Bush: “Son the bitches, Rumy tells me those folks down at Al’s place are saying we bombed cillians in Fall-u-jet”

Blair: “What is that, George”

Bush: “Sons the bitches, I need a Jack. We took out all the doctors at the hospital so there would be no casualties. None reported anyway. Now those folks at Al’s Get-serious are putting out pictures”. They say we’re killing children. Son the bitches, the only kids we are killing are hardened terrs”

Blair: “It’s not Al. It’s Al Jazeera.

Bush: “Bomb the bitches. We know where they are. Who is this Al guy anyway? Where did he get a TV station? Bomb Darfur. That’s where they are”.

Blair: “No George, they are in Iraq”.

Bush: “When did they move to Eye rak, I thought we were there? Fall-u-jet. The name gives it away, straight away. They are making jets. They are going to run them jets into the White House”.

Blair: “George, we are bombing Fallujah. Doha is somewhere else”.

Bush: “Who the hell is Doha. He’s with the terrs, right? Bomb him too.

Blair: “No it’s in Quatar. The Emir is a friend”

Bush: “I knew it. He’s a friend of the terrs”.

Blair: “We can’t bomb Doha, the fallout would be too great”.

Bush: “ I like you Tony, straight to the point. Nuke the son the bitches. The fallout will only fall on the desert”

Blair: “ The problem is not with the chaps we have embedded with our guys. It’s the loose cannons at Al Jazeera”.

Bush: “This Al has cannons. And who’s in bed with our guys. We don’t do that sort of thing. I thought it was only at your private schools that you did that sort of thing”

Blair: “Can I have that bottle of Jacks, I think I need a drink”.

Bush: “That’s my boy, Tony, drink up. Bushie is away for the day so we’re safe enough”.

Blair: “Now let’s see if we can get this straight”

Bush: “We got it Tony. Nuke the bitches in Darfur, get Al and tell our boys to get those chaps out of their beds. That solves everything. Here, Tony, do you want a line of this. It came in from Colombia this morning”.

Blair: “I might as well, I can see it’s going to be a long day”.

Free World Leaders

These are the Free World Leaders.

Their idea of freedom is to bomb Al Jazeera.

If blair had not gone along with the war it would not have happened.

Blair has 100,000 lost innocent lives to account for.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

3 Dees Cheney

3 Dees Cheney sent john and dennis to die on a lie.

When it was his time he refused to go.

He was and is a coward.

Who is this?

I have been haunted by this photo since I first saw it.

Does anyone know who he is and if he survived?

The Bum and The Bin

Bomber One wanted to bomb Al Jazeera in Doha.

Bomber two bombed the twin Towers.

One is a terrorist.

One is not.

Which is which?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How the mighty have fallen

Yesterday's men

This lot have slaughtered 200,000 people+ in the last number of years.They did so on a lie.The truth is now coming out.The less powerful will go to jail.This includes Libby, Black and Goebbles (Tax Dodging)

The worm has turned


Monday, November 21, 2005

Israel deserves better

Israel deserves better.

The people of Israel deserve better than The Psychopath of Sabra and Peres.

Their new party, called ‘Selbst Alleine Zion’, which is Yiddish for ‘Zion Alone’
will be worse than even the Likud.

Peretz is the only hope for Israel.

The Psychopath and his criminal family with their lackey, Peres, will never bring peace to Israel.

Peres is just a mouth that could not even win an election in his own family.

Their future election would condemn Israel to years of suicide bombs and dead children.

It is time for Israel to live in peace with the Palestinians.

This is possible.

All Israel has to do is withdraw from the West Bank, forget about Jerusalem and let the refugees from all of Palestine back to the West Bank with full compensation for their ethnic cleansing since 1948.

The Israelis can build another Jerusalem, like Solomon did, but this time beside the sea in Tel Aviv.

Surely they could build, with modern technology, a beautiful temple there and live in peace for once in millennia.

The brightest and most talented people on earth could then return to their high values and knowledge which they had before we, the Europeans, burned 6,000,000 of our best citizens 65 years ago.

They cannot forgive us for that. I know that.

But they must make peace with their Palestinians neighbours and live in peace with their emetic brothers with whom they have so mush in common.