Monday, November 21, 2005

Israel deserves better

Israel deserves better.

The people of Israel deserve better than The Psychopath of Sabra and Peres.

Their new party, called ‘Selbst Alleine Zion’, which is Yiddish for ‘Zion Alone’
will be worse than even the Likud.

Peretz is the only hope for Israel.

The Psychopath and his criminal family with their lackey, Peres, will never bring peace to Israel.

Peres is just a mouth that could not even win an election in his own family.

Their future election would condemn Israel to years of suicide bombs and dead children.

It is time for Israel to live in peace with the Palestinians.

This is possible.

All Israel has to do is withdraw from the West Bank, forget about Jerusalem and let the refugees from all of Palestine back to the West Bank with full compensation for their ethnic cleansing since 1948.

The Israelis can build another Jerusalem, like Solomon did, but this time beside the sea in Tel Aviv.

Surely they could build, with modern technology, a beautiful temple there and live in peace for once in millennia.

The brightest and most talented people on earth could then return to their high values and knowledge which they had before we, the Europeans, burned 6,000,000 of our best citizens 65 years ago.

They cannot forgive us for that. I know that.

But they must make peace with their Palestinians neighbours and live in peace with their emetic brothers with whom they have so mush in common.


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