Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Our courageous Leaders

Our National Strategy for Victory

Quitting is not an exit strategy says Rumy.

So Bottle Bush, 5 Dees Cheney and Wrestler Rumy have decided to re-enlist.

They are to ship out to EyeRak with the next bunch of marines.

Bushey is to challenge Al Zar to a Mano è Mano in the desert outside Fallujah.

Cheney is to take on The Bin while Rumy wrestles with their boyfriends.

This will stop all the kids being killed.

If Bushey wins Al Zar will go back to being a playboy.

If Cheney wins he will get The Bin’s horse to sell and return the money to Halliburton.

Rumy gets the boys no matter what happens.


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