Friday, November 25, 2005

Top Secret


Minutes of meeting: 16th. April 2004.

White House:

Principals only:

Bush: “Son the bitches, Rumy tells me those folks down at Al’s place are saying we bombed cillians in Fall-u-jet”

Blair: “What is that, George”

Bush: “Sons the bitches, I need a Jack. We took out all the doctors at the hospital so there would be no casualties. None reported anyway. Now those folks at Al’s Get-serious are putting out pictures”. They say we’re killing children. Son the bitches, the only kids we are killing are hardened terrs”

Blair: “It’s not Al. It’s Al Jazeera.

Bush: “Bomb the bitches. We know where they are. Who is this Al guy anyway? Where did he get a TV station? Bomb Darfur. That’s where they are”.

Blair: “No George, they are in Iraq”.

Bush: “When did they move to Eye rak, I thought we were there? Fall-u-jet. The name gives it away, straight away. They are making jets. They are going to run them jets into the White House”.

Blair: “George, we are bombing Fallujah. Doha is somewhere else”.

Bush: “Who the hell is Doha. He’s with the terrs, right? Bomb him too.

Blair: “No it’s in Quatar. The Emir is a friend”

Bush: “I knew it. He’s a friend of the terrs”.

Blair: “We can’t bomb Doha, the fallout would be too great”.

Bush: “ I like you Tony, straight to the point. Nuke the son the bitches. The fallout will only fall on the desert”

Blair: “ The problem is not with the chaps we have embedded with our guys. It’s the loose cannons at Al Jazeera”.

Bush: “This Al has cannons. And who’s in bed with our guys. We don’t do that sort of thing. I thought it was only at your private schools that you did that sort of thing”

Blair: “Can I have that bottle of Jacks, I think I need a drink”.

Bush: “That’s my boy, Tony, drink up. Bushie is away for the day so we’re safe enough”.

Blair: “Now let’s see if we can get this straight”

Bush: “We got it Tony. Nuke the bitches in Darfur, get Al and tell our boys to get those chaps out of their beds. That solves everything. Here, Tony, do you want a line of this. It came in from Colombia this morning”.

Blair: “I might as well, I can see it’s going to be a long day”.


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