Thursday, December 15, 2005

Arbeit Mact Frei

Arbeit Mact Frei.

Jonathan Freedland is loosing the plot.

In yesterday’s Guardian (14th.Dec) he had a good old rant at the Holocaust deniers, Ah-Mad-In-Jihad and the anti-Semites

He mixes them all up.

The Arabs can’t be anti-Semite because they are a Semite people.

The Arabs hate the Israelis (not the Jews) because of the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine since 1948.

As he says the Arabs and Jews got along great for centuries, even fighting together against us when we attacked Jerusalem a 1.000 years ago during the Crusades.

But today the Israelis are killing the Palestinians and stealing their land.

If I come and wall off half of Jonathan’s garden and move in will he say it’s okay?

Will he say I’m anti-Semitic or that I am just a thief?

Holocaust deniers are mad, stupid and anti-Semitic.

They hate the Arabs as much as the Jews.

Jonathan is now slipping into that part of Anti-Semitism (anti-Arabs) with the Holocaust deniers.

He does not need such company.

The holocaust can’t be denied. The buildings are still there.

His cure should be that he goes to Hebron and live with a local Arab family for a month dressed as an Arab and speaking only Arabic.

He will come back anti-Israeli.

We look forward to his report if he has the courage to go.


Blogger Susan said...

It should be "Arbeit macht frei"!

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