Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bush asleep

Letter to Bush from military commander in Iraq.

To Commander in Chief:
White House.
20 November 2005.


I have determined that this war is lost and our defeat will be of such severity and magnitude that effective response will be beyond the capabilities of the United State and the affected Iraqi government forces and that supplementary military assistance will be necessary or we must pull out now.

Three weeks later, the military commander Iraq wrote Bush asking for the 256th Louisiana National Guard Brigade be sent to Iraq to help.

The military commander also asked for more body bags, medicine, health care workers and mortuaries.

Five days later, Bush assistant Maggie Grant e-mailed the commander to say that the White House did not receive any letter from the commander and if it did had lost it.

"We found it on the commander's Web site but we need 'an original,' for our staff secretary to formally process the requests that are being made," Grant wrote. "We are on the job and not asleep but appreciate your help with a technical request. Tnx!"


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