Monday, December 05, 2005

I could not make this up

"We must bring terrorists to justice wherever possible," she said.
“It does not matter if they are only suspects or whatever.”
“My own people who were suspected of being Black and were hung like strange fruit from the trees of my home state.”
“If they ran away they were taken to justice wherever possible in other states.”
"But there have been many cases where local governments and states cannot detain or prosecute a suspect because they are innocent (but have Arab names), and traditional extradition is not a good option."
"In those cases," she added, "the local government or state can make the sovereign choice to cooperate with the US if they know what is good for them and transfer a suspect to a torture chamber in a complaint country where his guilt will soon be confessed. This is known as a rendition.
"Sometimes these efforts are misunderstood, especially by the tortured person, but it does send a message to our terrorists competitors that we kick ass better than them," she said.

“As for Democracy and International law” she said, “these were fine for the slave owners of the time of the US revolution but were redundant now in the New American Century.

“What we now have is Pax Americana run by a bunch of draft dodging alcoholics and you better get used to it”.


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