Saturday, January 21, 2006

Al-Qaeda's next attack in the USA.

Al-Qaeda’s next attack on the USA.

Homeland security is not working

Bush’s spying is misdirected

The Country is wide open.

The above 3 statements are true because you don’t have a competent President and the Vice President runs the country with and for the corporations on a “profits only” basis for the ‘Have Mores’. Rice is sycophant out of her depth, dreaming of consequential moves (a good night on the tiles might help) and Rumsfeld spends too much time combing his hair.

The next attack in The US will come from the sea.

The Bin has such contempt for you that he tells you it’s coming.

It will be facilitated through a container shipment or small boat.

It will originate in the Lebanon.

It sometimes seems that that Yale failure, Cheney, is working for The Bin.

Cheney invaded Iraq and gave The Bin a whole new territory.

Cheney handed Lebanon to The Bin by getting rid of Syria.

When he approves Israel planned attack on Iranian nuclear facilities and Iran in turn attacks Dimona, The Bin will have another base in Iran.

The Bin will then hold sway from Pakistan to the Mediterranean.

Salidin did not even achieve that in his battle with The Crusaders and their running dogs 1,000 years ago.

Incidentally, The wiser Jews of that time fought with Salidin.

Considering the above, I think Cheney should be asked to register his status as an agent of a foreign power with whatever office you do that.


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