Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bonoff at it again

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) -- U2 front man and activist Bonoff unveiled a new Red scam brand on Thursday aimed at collecting loads of dosh and maybe a little of combating the spread of HIV and AIDS in Africa by using sneakers, T-shirts and a charge card all using the red color and brand to generate money and provide work for Africans.

1% of all money collected will go to Africa after administration fees have been stripped out which should result in at least enough for a few first class air tickets to Johannesburg and back.

Dressed in a denim jacket and sporting his trademark wraparound sunglasses, Bonoff said the new "Red" program would help keep his tired mug on the TV for another couple of weeks.
"So, here we are fat cats in the snow and we have not been exposed yet” Bonoff said.
The venture will include an American Express card, shoes, T-shirts and sunglasses and is a long term method of raising private income for some of us, said Richard Feachem, executive director of the Global Fund.
"Red will bring a rising income stream for those of us near the tap” he said.
The Forum released a joint study by a panel of experts that said all last year’s nonsence with the politicians accomplished it aim of providing cover for the politicians but made Africa worse off.
Bonoff said “that’s what I call a good gig”.


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