Monday, January 30, 2006

Ian Blair is a liar.

Met chief is a liar

Within minutes of the murder of Jean Charles De Menezes, Ian Bliar was writing to Sir John Gieve of the Home Office asking that the IPCC not investigate the murder.

Ian Bliar knew they had murdered the wrong man within 5 minutes of the killing and had started the cover-up.

The first attempt was the letter to Sir John Gieve.

The second was leaks from Ian Bliar’s office to the press that Jean had a bulky coat with wires sticking out of it and had failed to obey a police instruction while jumping the barriers at the tube station.

Five hours after the murder Ian Blair told a press conference that Jean was directly linked to a terrorist investigation.

Does Ian Bliar think the public are as stupid as himself?

He must resign now.


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