Friday, January 13, 2006

Speilberg stood tip-toe on a little hill

Speilberg is tip-toeing through history.

Beacuse that is his nature.

First ET, Jaws and all the floppy stuff.

Then the good christian in the middle of the Holocaust.

Now he takes a poke at Zionizm with Munich.

Nothing too sharp, just a twitch here and there.

You see, our Yiddish citizens were like that.

They were considerate, thoughtful, intelligent, seeing all sides.

They were our best and most enlightened citizens.

Then we Europeans went and burnt them all.

When Speilberg deals with the Holocaust he doesn't say "You bastard European murderers, you slaughtered my people".

No, he brings in the good christian.

When he tries to deal with Zionizm he tip-toes as well.

A little of this and a little of that.

That won't stop the Zion fascists tearing him apart.

But then the Zionists are only leaches on the yiddish people.


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