Monday, January 23, 2006

Walmart Economics

Wal-mart economics

Wal-mart economics have taken over America.

Wal-mart are ruining every American manufacturing capability.

They are doing this while in league with a foreign communist power (China).

This means that, given time, we will not be able to produce anything anymore and will become heavily dependent on a communist power.

This communist power who styles itself a ‘workers republic’ despises it’s own workers so badly that it has made slaves out of them.

When China is in a powerful enough position in relation to the US it will treat us as it does it’s workers now.

This time is not far off.

As well as taking over our manufacturing the Chinese now own more $$$ bonds than anyone else.

If they choose to dump the bonds our economy would crash in an instant and make 1927 look like a minor affair.

So much for the Great American Century with it’s new World Order run by clowns like Clinton and Cheney.

If The US or Israel want to bomb Iran now they must first ask permission from the Chinese.

The Chinese are hard masters.

I think I’ll become a mad Commie before it is too late.


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