Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wolf-o-Witz is a gangster

Wolf-o-Witz is a gangster.

The World Bank has suspended all loans to Chad, accusing the government of not giving Wolf-o-Wits the money he is trying to extort from a high-profile oil pipeline as the World Bank organizes Sudan to invade the country.

Paul Wolf-O-Witz, head of the bank, took the decision because Chad, by altering an oil revenue law, has breached a 1999 agreement with the bank designed to entrench long-term poverty in the country.

He said: "We've been trying for some time to open dialogue with the government of Chad to see if the concerns that they have expressed about us taking 90% of their oil money and they getting only 10% can be addressed, and regrettably instead of engaging in dialogue, they have proceeded unilaterally."

He did, however, say: "We haven't given up on dialogue and hope in fact that perhaps if they stop and appreciate how serious the our invasion plans are we can find some common ground."


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