Friday, February 03, 2006

Baradei is Israeli lackey

Baradei is a US lackey
ElBaradei said that moves to report Iran were "not a crisis" but "a window of opportunity" in resolving the standoff.
"We are reaching a critical phase, but it is in no way a crisis situation," he told reporters.
We have heard this crap before.
Resolutions with “serious consequences” during the step-by-step con job on Iraq by the bush and Blair.
What Iran is doing is perfectly legal.
I don’t hear Baradei bitching about Dimona or Khan.
If Baradei’s sly moves on behalf of the US and Israel succeeds then Israel is in big trouble.
If in the fullness of time, after sanctions and all that nonsense, Israel bombs Iranian nuclear facilities then Iran will bomb Dimona.
They are well capable of this even without the nuclear weapons they have already acquired from the disintegrating USSR.
During the Cuban missile crisis the US did not know that the USSR had nuclear missiles on their subs just miles off the US coast.
The same is happening now.
The dumb conservatives who rule the US at the moment and the even dumber (If that’s possible) Zionists that run Israel are walking into a trap by the fundamentalists who would like nothing better than a major clash.
Israel can’t use its nuclear weapons on anyone in the Middle East because it would destroy the oil imports and economies of the West.
In twenty years time we will no longer depend on the Middle East for oil and it can fade back into the sands and start herding camels again.
Israel will go the same way as we will no longer need it as a foothold near our oil supplies.
Iraq changed everything. Israel overreached itself by getting us to invade.
We can’t even hold a broken country like Iraq.
What would we do with Iran?
That lot are Shias and would defeat us if we attacked them.
The best thing we can do is declare victory in Iraq and retreat totally out of the Middle East.
They will again sell us their oil at $20 a barrel because they have to.
They can’t drink it and the camels don’t like it.
The fundamentalist Zionists in Israel can come to whatever arrangement they like with the other fundamentalist around them.
If we never hera from them again it will be too soon.
Copy to Mossad,CIA,MI6.


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