Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Isreal: What a cruel state.

Israel: What a cruel state.

Now that the election is over in Israel the life support on Sharon will be turned off.

Ehud omlette told aids that as soon as the votes were in he could be switched off.

I know Sharon was the Psychopath (Of Sabra) but this is no way to treat anyone.

Keep a man alive till he gets the votes.

Israel has reached a new low.

A poll the other day showed that18% of Israelis hate Palestinians.

What happened to the great Yiddish people of Europe?

They are not in Israel now.

What a sad bunch.

And the fact that they ignore Oslo and the Road Map and impose a land grab on the West Bank will lead to years of trouble and killing.

These people are dumb just like the South Africans under apartheid.

The Palestinians will have their right one day.

How many more bodies?


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