Friday, March 24, 2006

The new Israel..called IsPal.

The problem with Israel?

It is not a viable state as it is.

It has no water, soil, oil or minerals.

All it has is a desert religion book based on an ancient caravan route and goats.

As the Chief Rabbi of Israel said, “ The only justification for Israel to exist is that god gave us the land”.

In the last century the Zionists had to slaughter and ethnically cleanse the Palestinians to get their land.

This century Israel wants, and for its continued existence needs, Lake Tiberias and the Jordan River.

If it does not get this it will be finished.

No need for Ahmadmejad to do anything except to sit on his hands for 5 years.

The only solution to this is that the Palestinians and Israelis form a joint country.

They are all Semitic people and understand each other.

Their joint fundamentalists can pray together in Jerusalem and the rest can swim in Tel Aviv.

The only other solution is that we in Europe request that our citizens whose ancestors we slaughtered 60 years ago in our gas chambers come back and join us.

We would have to pay them resettlement money and compensation for what we did but it would be worth because the Yiddish people were our best and most knowledgeable citizens.

Otherwise we will waste this century in bloodshed like we did the last one.


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