Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Iran goads US and Isreal

Iran tries to goad US and Israel.
Ex. Pres. Rafsaniani of Iran said "We operated the first unit which comprises 164 centrifuges, gas was injected, and we got the industrial output of a big fart.
"There needs to be an expansion of operations to 1,600 centrifuges if we are to start on a nuclear bomb of our own”.
Rafsaniani failed to mention that Iran already has two nuclear bombs which they bought when The USSR was falling apart.

They also have the delivery of one of these sorted out as far as Israel.

They want war now when they are ready and not when The US is ready.

The dumb schmucks in Israel, fat and confused on $ 180 billion over the years, will go for it.

A hard rain is gonna fall.


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