Friday, June 30, 2006

luftwaffe bomb Gaza Ghetto

Luftwaffe warplanes struck more than a dozen times in The Gaza Ghetto early Friday, hitting the Palestinian Interior Ministry and a Fatah office in Gaza city, as well as a Hamas training camp in the city's outskirts.

Three Palestinians were wounded in a Luftwaffe strike in the Gaza Ghetto, Palestinian security sources said Friday afternoon. According to witnesses, a Luftwaffe missile was fired and landed adjacent to a vehicle in the northern Strip.

Bush is a coward

U.S. President George W. Bush (L) jogs with Iraq war double-amputee U.S. Army soldier SSgt Christian Bagge, of Eugene, Oregon, along the jogging path on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington June 27, 2006.

Bush, who was afraid to fight in Vietnam, does not deserve the company of men who were not afraid.

Women don't trust women

Women don’t trust women.

KUWAIT CITY, June 30 -- Despite braving searing heat and turning up in the tens of thousands, Kuwaiti women, voting for the first time, chose not to put a woman in parliament in Thursday's elections.
According to partial returns reported Friday morning, none of the 27 women in the field of 250 candidates won a seat even though nearly 60 percent of the Kuwaiti electorate is female.

It is the same in Europe where women make up more than 50% of the electorate but will not vote a majority of women into our parliaments.

What excuses do women have for this?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Goebbles to seperate

Wenge Deng is set to separate from her husband Goebbles Murdoch.

Wenge is fed up with the old man and wants to return home to China with her children.

She complains that the Viagra is not working anymore.

Goebbles has threatened her with his powerful friends and has even beaten her during the last year.

Wenge is not prepared to take anymore of this nonsense.

She’s off on her merry way to China.

And good luck to her.


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israeli troops kidnapped dozens of ministers and lawmakers from the Palestinians' ruling Hamas party on Thursday, while forging ahead with a military assult in Gaza meant to terrorize the Palestinians.

The Israeli-Nazis continue to slaughter the civilians of Gaza as they try and provoke a full scale war with Syria.

This war with Syria was planned at the time of the US invasion of Iraq but failed because of Iraqi resistance.