Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hezbollah defeats Israel

Nasrallah defeats Halutz

Hezbollah defeats the elite Israeli army units.

Halutz would not be hard to defeat as he is only a poser and the Israeli army has become fat and useless.

The Israeli army has spent too many years attacking civilians in Gaza and The West Bank to be able to fight those who seek martyrdom in Lebanon.

Israel has become a country of beggars who are kept by the American tax payers.

Israel’s mistake has been that because it has bought most American politicians and media and controls American policy in Congress and The White House it thinks it is powerful enough to do as it likes in The Middle East.


Israel sent the Americans and Brits into Iraq but Iran and the Shias were the victors.

As a final throw of the dice against the Shia, Israel attacked Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Now Israel is defeated.

Now down go the Sunni dictators in Saudi, Jordan and Egypt.

Dumbos like Bush, Phoney and Halutz will have to be dumped before they bring us into any more trouble.


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