Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel is a failed terrorist state.

Israel is a failed terrorist state.

Let’s face it, we made a mistake.

We Europeans created the state of Israel after the second world war.

With German efficiency we had burned to death 6,000,000 of the cream of our citizens.

The remainder (who can’t have been the sharpest tools in the box, as the best were dead) were allowed to go to Palestine to keep an eye on our oil supplies from the Middle East.

This lot have been terrorizing the area since they got there. Ethnic cleansing, murder, torture, rape have been the order of the day.

The Jews had lived peacefully in the Middle East for thousands of years ( in the Crusades they fought with the Muslims in Jerusalem and were slaughtered with them) yet this lot go in and it’s continuous war.

If The Israelis of today pull back to the ‘67 lines and compensate the ethnically cleansed they can live in peace.

Do they want to?

No chance.

These psychopaths want war and mayhem.

For some reason they think that attacking Syria and Iran will help them out.

Psychotic delusions.

Even if they nuke both countries they will be in a worse position than when they started.

We should deal with Israel the same way as we dealt with Afghanistan.

Send in the B52s and do a Torra Bora on the kip.
It is a failed terrorist state and has caused us (Europeans) not


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