Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nasrallah invades Israel

The decision, by Israel, to send large ground forces into southern Lebanon and to assign them targets further and further from the border is looking more of a derivative of the military dynamic than the outcome of any well-thought-out political consideration. When the hope of eliminating Hezbollah's rocket-launching capability by means of the Israel Air Force alone proved vain, the supreme command of the Israeli army found itself even more determined to fulfill the expectations placed in it, and to that end, is now calling up reserve units and moving infantry and armored brigades into Lebanon.
Based on this logic, it might even reach the conclusion that without an attack on Syria, there is no possibility of paralyzing Hezbollah firepower. Which is not say that this is indeed the intention of the General Staff, or that the prime minister is not sure he would know how to put on the brakes in time. What it does mean is that war has an inner logic of its own, and has the power to drag decision-makers into places they did not initially intend to go.


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