Thursday, July 20, 2006

Obeying orders

When Eichmann was caught by the Israelis he explained his part in the Holocaust by saying he had played his part (transport) efficiently. This was, he said, all that mattered. Dispite many difficulties, he had kept the death trains running on time. Did the Israelis not understand this?

They understand it now. Below is what Halutz said to his pilots before they bombed the children of Lebanon to bits. Like Eichmann he stresses to his pilots efficiency and accuracy. Never mind the dead people.

[Halutz to pilots] Guys, ... you can sleep well at night. I may not be able to sleep well, by the way,as I am a mass murderer. You aren't the ones who choose the targets, and you were not the ones who chose the target in this particular case. You are not responsible for the contents of the target. Your execution was perfect. Superb. And I repeat again: Adolf Eichmann said it all whan he reminded us that efficiency is the key. Milgram’s experiment shows us that most humans will become torturers if asked to do so by any authority.So you are now mass murderers, killing women and children.There is no problem here that concerns you as long as you do it with efficency. You did exactly what you were instructed to do.You obeyed orders. You did not deviate from that by so much as a millimeter to the right or to the left. And anyone who has a problem with that is invited to see me or to consult the Nazi attitude to Jews in the Holocaust.


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