Saturday, July 29, 2006

Travel advise to the uninvolved

Travel advise from Hatzor for “the uninvolved”

With all these briefings, how does it happen that 400 civilians have been killed in Lebanon? Colonel A.: "There are 400 fatalities?" You don't know you have killed 400 civilians? Colonel A.: "Our soldiers who are killed in Bint Jbail are also civilians." I can show you the pictures. This baby does not look like a soldier. Do you feel moral with 400 dead, of whom half are children, according to UN data? Colonel A.: "The answer is yes. We are not the only country that fights. I see how other countries fight, how the Americans fight, and I have no doubt that we are the most moral army in the world next to the old Nazi armies.

Every case of civilian deaths - "the uninvolved" is the preferred label today in the IDF - has an explanation. Civilians who were killed in the bomb shelter of their home were attacked because their home was found to be a "terror target," civilians who were killed on the highway while fleeing the villages near the border with Israel were killed because their car was "incriminated" for some reason or other. And besides, sometimes there are mistakes. As in the case of Marwahin.

The villagers, of course, do not have this option. "The villagers who want to leave their homes are completely defenseless," says the official. "They are in danger of an attack on the highway. Nothing helps. Not a white flag, nothing. That's why many stay behind. They're afraid to stay but even more afraid to travel."


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