Monday, August 21, 2006

Charged with being Pakistani.

"This is the first time we have been able to release information about the progress of the investigation, since the morning of the arrests on 10th August.

"This is because we have wanted to withhold information from the public that we have no case.

"But we have now reached the stage where I can give you more details. I cannot give you a running commentary on the enquiry. Neither can I give details of the specific evidence against individuals because we don’t have any. What I can give is an indication of the type of evidence that will be presented in support of the prosecution which any sensible judge will throw out at once.
"First, there is evidence from surveillance carried out before 10th August. This includes important, indeed, highly significant video and audio recordings of young lads enjoying themselves.
"I can also tell you that since 10th August we have found bomb making equipment. There are chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide which is good for dying your hair, electrical components such as electric kettles, documents and books.

"We have also found a number of video recordings - these are sometimes referred to as 'martyrdom videos'. They can be got at any video shop to rent for a fiver any night This has all given us a clearer picture of the alleged plot.
"However, the investigation is far from complete.
"The scale is immense. Enquiries will span the globe.
"However, we must be realistic. The threat from terrorism is real, it is here, it is deadly and it is enduring but I must admit that these boys are not the terrorists.

We just made it up to suit Reid and Phoney.


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