Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The dustmen are coming

The dustmen are coming.

The Shia have been the dustmen of the Moslem world since the time of Imam Ali.

Now they are on the rise.

They saw off Saddam and the Americans in the Eighties.

They conquered Southern Iraq last year and set up a government there with the help of the schmucks in Israel and the White House.

Now Hezbollah have taken the might of the Israeli army and stopped them in their tracks.

So the ark of the Shia, feared by the great democracies of Jordan, Saudi and Egypt is becoming a reality.

From Iran to Lebanon the Shia expose the weakness of the Americans and their masters in Israel.

We better sue for peace with them immediately and let them take what they want or they’ll end up in Europe and we’ll all be praying towards Mecca.


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