Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hezbollah defeats Israel

Nasrallah now to form The American Arab Public Affairs Committee.

It will be based on the Israeli model of the near same name.

Why change what works?

Its duties will include:

Bankrolling election campaigns for Presidents, Congressmen, Senators and calling in the pro-Arab favours when they are elected.

Buying up media including newspapers, TV, Radio and appointing editors who know what to say without being told Goebbels Murdoch style.

Blackmailing all and sundry with being blackened in the media unless they do as they are told.

Instigating, through media and other blackmail pressure, investigations into errant and uncooperative politicians and presidents. (E.g. Clinton and Monica).

Lobbying for funds from Congress for Arab causes to the tune of hundreds of billions of $$$.

Some of these funds can be ploughed back into The AAPAC to help with its work in lobbying Congress. In other words a self-funding scam. Nice work if you can get it.

Nobody can object or they will be branded anti Semitic and investigated.

Only The Arabs could think of a scam like that.


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