Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Israel as neighbour?

Who wants Israel as a neighbour?

Pity the Arabs, they have a neighbour from hell.

First the mad Germans try and holocaust them all and then we send the survivors to Palestine to ethnically cleanse the land and create an Israeli state on it.

Having set up the Israeli state the survivors then put everyone around them in ghettos.

Gaza and the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon are no better than the Warsaw ghetto.

What would the missing 6 million think of that?

They would disown the Israel of today.

In fact, they would recognise it as more akin to Angela Merkel’s parent’s state where the psychopath filing clerks, like Hitler, took over.

That is why Merkel can’t even call for an immediate ceasefire because having been a STASI agent all her university days she understands the need for criminal and ruthless action by Israel.


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