Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Israel is afraid

Israel is afraid to show it has been defeated in Lebanon.

It is rambling on about a vacuum in South Lebanon.

The only vacuum in South Lebanon is the one left by the RPGs destroying Israeli tanks.

Israel is not in occupation of South Lebanon; it is just raiding in and out like thieves in the night.

Bint Jbail is supposed to have been taken two weeks ago.

Yet six IDF soldiers were wounded by anti-tank fire in Bint Jbail yesterday.

Two IDF paratroopers were killed Tuesday evening in battles in the south Lebanon village of Bint Jbail, the Israel Defense Forces announced early Wednesday. Early on Tuesday, three soldiers were killed at least 14 wounded in southern Lebanon, where heavy battles between IDF troops and Hezbollah militants have been raging since late Monday.One of the paratroopers was treated by medics at the scene, but he could not be extricated due to heavy gunfire from Hezbollah militants. During the rescue attempt, a soldier from the paratroopers' search and rescue force was also killed.

It is time to call the Israeli bluff and expose them for the cowards they are.

They might be able to slaughter civilians in Gaza and The West Bank but when they come up against an equally armed army like Hezbollah they are afraid to move forward.

The UN resolution should reflect this.


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