Monday, August 21, 2006

Let's nuke Iran

Let’s nuke Iran


Because Israel wants us to and because we can.

The last time we went to nuke an Islamic country was on June 8th. 1967.

It was called the “Liberty” affair.

Again it was because Israel told us to do it.

It was only stopped by President Johnson 3 minutes before the bomb was dropped on Cairo from a US navy plane.

The president himself had not been informed beforehand.

President Johnson never got over the fact that Israel had that much control over his navy and refused to stand for election again.

Now Israel wants to nuke Iran.

Will we do it for them?

Of course we will.

Israeli control over the Presidency and Congress is now almost complete because of the work of The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.

This was a very silent coup.

You notice how afraid most, if not all, American politicians (including Hillary Clinton) are to criticize Israel.

This means that that dumb schmuck Olmert, who could not even beat Hezbollah, now dictates our actions and relations with other countries.


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