Monday, August 28, 2006

Phoney had a vision

Phoney has had a vision.

Phoney has told his aids that he had a vision from God while he was in Barbados.

In this vision, apparently, it was revealed to Phoney by God that there was a mission for him and that he must not leave Downing Street under any circumstances.

Phoney said that the God in question was the Jewish one that is expected at the East Gate of Jerusalem riding on a donkey at any time now.

The mission that was revealed to Phoney was that he must go to The Middle East and lead the people of Palestine out of The West Bank and Gaza and into Egypt.

There they must stay in the slums of Cairo, as slaves, for as long as the Jews were there as slaves some time ago.

It is then and only then that they will be given their Promised Land.

Phoney has asked Gordon Brown if he has had a vision but Brown told him to get help.

This further convinced Phoney that he had no one to hand over power to as the Israelis have no one to negotiate with.

Phoney will not even ask Bush if he may go to The Middle East as he now has God’s permission.

Let’s hope The Palestinians are ready to follow him into exile.

That will solve the Israeli problem for once and for all.


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