Thursday, August 24, 2006

Phoney's legacy

Phoney’s legacy : Corruption institutionalised;

It now works without him.

Phoney corrupted the institutions of the state while going to war in Iraq and covering it up afterwards.

He started with Scarlett and institutionalised it when he appointed him head of MI6.

There was no need to corrupt Hutton as he already was. The acceptance of his report indicated to all and sundry that corruption was now the way forward.

Plod Clarke and the anti-terrorist gang quickly followed up.

Most of their anti-terrorist arrests were politically motivated and led to no serious charges.

The judges remain quiet and acquiesce.

In the latest political arrests the Crown Prosecution Service has been led into a front seat in the corruption chamber fronting up phoney charges to cover Reid’s ass.

Goebbles Murdoch is always there to help without being asked.

Phoney can now sit on the beach and his corruption continues without him.

This is his real legacy.

A corrupted society.


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