Monday, August 14, 2006

What is wrong with the Israelis?

What is wrong with the Israelis?

They are a delinquent nation.

Nobody likes them.

Their near neighbours have every reason to hate them.

In Israel they are crude, brutish, nasty, aggressive, rasist and dumb.

In Lebanon they are child killers.

The old Yiddish people of Europe would be ashamed of them.

They were bright, talented, cosmopolitan, witty, pleasant and understanding.

I know, they were my older relatives.

The missing 6 million would disown the present Israelis.

This is part of the problem.

The brains of the Israeli people live in America, Africa and Australia.

The clots that live in Israel are like unmanaged delinquent children with too much American money and no guidance.

They spend their time and our money killing and robbing their neighbours.

On the other hand the Arabs I have lived with are pleasant, patient, kind, polite observant and smart.

The Arabs would live in peace with Israel if The West Bank were given back and the refugees properly settled.

It is time Israel was forced to do so or we should cut off their money and bombs.


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