Thursday, September 28, 2006

General ???????

Pakistani President General ???????? and Kabul mayor Karzeri, whom Bush considers perfect lakeys against proper Islamic men in a volatile region, barely looked at one another as they demanded even more money from Bush who again forgot General Mushey’s name.

"I look forward to having dinner with two friends of mine who hate the sight of one and other but nevertheless share the same outlook that one should get more money than the other," Bush said in a brief Rose Garden appearance before Wednesday's light dinner of soup, sea bass and salad during Ramadan.
The meeting was a lackey’s performance for leaders who have joined their fortunes to Bush's terror drive and who for months have picked at one another's efforts to fight the residents along their long, remote, mountainous border.
"These two men are personal friends of mine," Bush said. "I wish I could remember their names. They are strong leaders who have an understanding of the world in which we live and how to get the money they need from the US taxpayer. They understand that the forces of moderation are being challenged by me and my Neo-cons."
“Now let’s drink to Ramadan, whatever that is”, he said.


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