Monday, September 04, 2006

Let's attack Israel

Peres wants Jordan, Israel and The West Bank to unite.
The only way to unite Israel, Jordan and The Palestinians is for the West to attack Israel. We could bomb Tel Aviv and Haifa to start with.
We could then stop all aid to Israel and get UN sanctions against them.
After that The Arabs would see Israel as much like themselves, attacked and abused, and have common cause with them.
After all, The Jews and Muslims lived together and were united in respect when we attacked them during The Crusades.
We slaughtered The Muslims and Jews as they defended Jerusalem together from us in that time.
I wonder if Nasrallah would be up for this?
Shimon Peres called for a partnership involving Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians, following an economic route rather than a political one. These three have already agreed to turn the whole border region between the Red Sea and the Jordan river into a joint economic peace corridor, along which industrial plants, tourism and agriculture will be developed. This approach has worked elsewhere; most of the important changes that have occurred around the globe since the end of the Second World War have been the outcome not of military interventions but of economic advances.
But the three entities that agreed on this initiative lack the necessary means to implement the plan. However, international funds that seek new markets and opportunities, despite the risks involved, tend to be attracted to regional development projects such as this. If we can privatise part of the economy, why not privatise part of peace?
Therefore we must propose to the Palestinians that we enter into political/ diplomatic negotiations on the only basis acceptable to the international community and to the Palestinians themselves - the extant road map - and at the same time remove the yoke of economic distress through the development triangle.
No longer is the adage "a people will reside alone" valid. There are no frontlines any more, in war or peace.


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