Monday, September 11, 2006

The Muslims don't like us anymore.

The Muslims don’t like us anymore.

They should love us, as we are their biggest customers.

Without our gas-guzzlers they would still be lighting their fires with camel dung.

Perhaps they would be better off.

We armed and supplied daddy’s rich boy Bin Laden to fight the godless Russians.

When he won we (Clinton) failed to take him out.

Thus we were left with a wanabe martyr with nowhere to go.

We neglected to send him to Paradise.

For this he took his revenge. Bang goes the two towers.

Then instead of fulfilling his wishes yet again and dispatching him to a better place we went after Iraq.

For what?

A higher oil price so a few morons in the States could improve their low self esteem by making a few dollars more.

The money morons in the States run a democracy based on cash and the democracy we gave to the Afghans is run by the drug barons.

Look at how the poor in America live.

Poverty, squalor and degradation are the lot of 60% of Americans who live below the poverty line.

It is no wonder the Muslims think so little of our democracies.

As they see it they are better off under the Koran.

Who can disagree as the people of the Koran brought us in Europe all the knowledge of the Ancients when we were living in hovels and America was still ruled by its own people?


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