Sunday, September 10, 2006

Phoney's not going

Phoney’s meddling in The Middle East will ruin any chance of peace.

The window of opportunity is small.

It has been created by Hezbollah’s victory over Israel.

But the Israelis are arrogant and dumb bastards whose racism would equal that of a Nazi.

If they don’t learn the lesson of defeat now they will find an excuse in the future not to learn it until it is too late.

This will be catastrophic for Israel, as their country cannot survive it.

If it wants to survive it must, as Peres says, have peace and join economically with at least Jordan and maybe Lebanon.

To do this it must withdraw from the West Bank and withdraw fully and properly from Gaza without further interference as well as settle the refugees.

The Israelis are ready for this now because they know there are more Hezbollahs on the way.

It may take 10 years for them to organize but they are coming.

If there is not a peace deal now then the Israelis will be treated then as they treat the Palestinians now.

Phoney will fuck up any chance of a peace deal just to prolong his own miserable career.

He carries no weight with anyone, anywhere as he is soon to go.

He slaughtered 100,000 people in Iraq so as to ass-lick dumbo Bush.

He will now sacrifice the Palestinians for a few months more in Downing Street on his wife’s instructions all because she does not want to return to the alcoholic slums of Liverpool or wherever it is she comes from.

If he wants peace in The Middle East he should resign now.

If he obeys his wife the ground will soon again be scattered with the bodies of women and children.


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