Friday, October 27, 2006

25 traitors

Like Arnold these 25 are trying to surrender America to a foreign power.

This power is called Israel.

Although much has been written about the neo-cons who dot the Bush administration, the treatment of the their ties to Israel has generally been ignored because of the power of the Israelis in America.

Although much has come to light recently about the fact that ridding Iraq both of its leader and of its weapons inventory has been an israeli agenda since long before there was a Bush administration, little has been said about how Israel got america to invade Iraq and have 3,000 troops killed.

But an examination of the cast of characters in Bush administration policymaking circles reveals a startlingly pervasive network of Israeli agents and spies who implement aggressive Israeli foreign policy with the power of the American army.

These 25 (any still alive) should be arrested as enemy combatans, rendered to Gitmo for some new style questioning/torture, given a quick military trial and shot.

Otherwise let’s cut the pretence that we are still a democracy, abolish Congress invite Netanyahu over to take over the White House.


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