Friday, October 13, 2006

Blunkett murdered Tareq

During his interview with Channel 4, Blunkett, who is promoting a new book, said that he had told Tony Blair, the British prime minister, that Aljazeera television station should be bombed because it was broadcasting "propaganda".
"There wasn't a worry from me because I believed that this was a war and in a war you wouldn't allow the truth to come out," Blunkett said.
"I don't think for a minute in previous wars the nazis would have thought twice about ensuring that a radio station, broadcasting the truth, on the soil of Great Britain would actually continue being able to do so."
Two weeks after Blunkett pressed the prime minister to attack Aljazeera, the American military bombed the station's Baghdad offices, killing journalist Tareq Ayoub.
Blunkett, however, said that when the British government asked for the bombing of Aljazeera's station, it considered that journalists working there would be just be some more collateral damage.
"I think there's a no difference between taking out the station and taking out journalists and you can’t do one without the other - even if you don't agree with them," he said.
"I don't know whether it was legal or not but we did manage to kill Fatima’s father, and I would call it legitimate because Tareq was telling the truth," he added, referring to the US bombing.


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