Friday, October 20, 2006

Bush assassinated

Bush assassinated.

It’s true, I saw the propaganda movie.

And an expensive piece of trash it was too.

It main purpose seemed to be to support the attack on the American constitution contained in the Patriot act.

And we all know that the last refuge of the scoundrel is patriotism.

It was probably financed by Israeli money.

The scoundrels Bush and Cheney are hard at work for the Israelis who are looking for Lebensraum on the land to the east of Israel commonly know as The West Bank.

Cheney opened up a second front in this war in Iraq to help the Israeli onslaught on the Palestinians.

And now this second front has bogged down and defeated so that leaves the original Israeli front in the West Bank exposed and heading for a further defeat.

Movies like this make the task of resistance liberation for the Palestinians even harder.


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