Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Do it

Catastrophic failure in all areas.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice.

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bin Laden, North Korea, Hezbollah, Israel, Climate Change. Medicare, The Economy, The Constitution and Born-Again Insanity.

The policy of the four clowns can now be seen as total failure in all areas.

Everything they do turns to dust.

They invade Iraq, for no apparent reason, without any future planning and get whopped while the Mullahs of Iran silently take over in place of Saddam and continue the torture.

The same Mullahs of Iran out-manoeuvre them every time at the UN while continuing to build the nukes.

They half invade Afghanistan to get Bin Laden and he legs it over to the Pakistani Intelligence service in Wiristan while the drug production resumes under their control.

As soon as they get into office they stop negotiating with North Korea, impose sanctions, and then wonder why they go on to develop Nukes.

Hezbollah is allowed to re-arm while Israel occupies, slaughters and ethnically cleanses all around them while staring at pictures of the gates of Auschwitz on their office walls.

They say, with Exxon and Philip Morris, that climate change is non-existent and plan accordingly.

They run the biggest deficit ever and China owns trillions of $$$ bonds which if they cash in would collapse the American economy. That makes us dependent and at the mercy of mad commies.

The poor and old of America can die in the street for lack of a Medicare system that any half-civilized country would have.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are brain damaged cowards, drunks and born-again idiots.

Rice, getting a bit above herself, thinks she is setting up another Peace of Westphalia while destroying our great Constitution and the nations she is meddling in.

No Vietnam, thrown out of school for being dumb and we allow these clowns to run our country.
Out with these born-again bums


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