Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Party at the 'Pink Room'

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives are facing growing pressure over a congressional sex scandal, with Dennis Hastert, the House speaker, rejecting calls to step down and new revelations being aired on television.

The Washington Times has accused Hastert of barely pursuing warnings about former representative Mark Foley's overtly sexual internet messages to teenage boys and said in an editorial that he "must do the only right thing, and resign his speakership at once."

Hastert has not denied knowledge of Foley's messages and said he often sent a few himself but he rejected calls for his resignation saying that he And President Bush consider them only “a little naughty.”

He said "I'm not going to do that so openly again," adding he was trying "to cover the whole thing up as Bush asked."

Hastert said he had talked to more than 200 House members and the idea of his resignation did not come up as they had often thought about the pages themselves."
He said "I'm running for speaker and I would be the candidate if our party won, I suspect the President and I will have many more parties in the ‘Pink Room’ at the white House. Our only problem is trying to turn the pages around.”

“This grooming take a lot of time and effort”, he said.

“Do you have any idea how many e-mails I have to send to pages before I get even one polite reply”, he added.

George Bush, the US president, did not respond to questions in California over whether Hastert should resign, but said he was "confident he will provide whatever cover-up he can to law enforcement in its investigation of Foley and the rest of us”.
"He's a father, a lecher, a teacher and a poet who cares about the children of this country and wants them all in his bed," said Bush, adding he was "dismayed and shocked" that Foley's behaviour had been exposed.


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