Sunday, October 15, 2006

The President is strong

For Republicans, the most difficult problem posed by the e-mail exchanges that former congressman Mark Foley had with pages is not necessarily the flagrant misbehaviour of one member. Rather it's the fact that the investigation is exposing a politically awkward fact of life that the President himself likes to get any handsome male he meets in a close headlock.

“He has been this way since he was at Yale” the White House confirmed.

“It does not mean that he is gay,” they said, “just that he likes fooling around with handsome men”.Jeff Trandahl, the former House clerk at the centre of the inquiry into the Foley e-mails and a top-ranking appointee of House Speaker Dennis Hastert, is openly gay. So is Kirk Fordham, the former Foley chief of staff who says he alerted Hastert's office last year to his boss' over-chumminess with high school pages.


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