Monday, October 16, 2006

The state of Israel is totally corrupt

The state of Israel is a totally corrupt and despicable place.

It always was since the beginning.

They started out in 1948 with ethnic cleansing, rape, murder, genocide and ended up the same way in Lebanon in 2006.

The Semites in the ghettoes of Gaza and The West Bank are now locked up there longer than the Semites of the Warsaw ghetto.

The only difference this time is that it is a minority, allegedly highly moral, Semite tribe that is slaughtering the Semites in the ghetto rather than us, the allegedly highly cultured Europeans.

We did what they say we did and that shows what savages we are.

But they have now joined us on the murdering side of the equation.

Israel, since 1948, has slaughtered and ethnically cleansed more Palestinians, as a % of population, than Hitler killed of our leading European citizens (Jews) during the Second World War.

They continue to do so and plan to institutionalise and legalize their slaughter and ethnic cleansing with an apartheid wall and Bantustans in the West Bank.

So now in Israel:

The President is a rapist.

The Chief of Staff only feels a “light lift” when his plane drops bombs, from a safe distance, to slaughter innocent Palestinian children.

His soldiers have become cowards and cannot even fight a ragtag army like Hezbollah who kidnap his men with impunity.

The Presidential rapist also commits offences of bribery, breach of trust and obstruction of justice, wiretapping and infractions of state pardons.

Past President Weizmann accepted gifts from a political donor.

Past Prime Minister Sharon granted patronage for a huge tourism project in Greece to a heavyweight industrial developer and political supporter but was never charged. His family were also involved.

Likud minister, Tzachi HaNegbi, bribed party officials with government jobs.

And they all slaughtered Palestinian women and children.

One (Meir) even said the Palestinians did not exist.

Easy to slaughter the non-existent.

The normal Israeli Government procedure is to cover-up and close criminal files against Israeli public figures and charge Palestinian public officials with non-existent crimes.
This cannot go on forever.

The Israeli undercover influence in America, getting money and dictating policy, is being exposed and will soon be countered.

The only hope for Israel is to invite all the ethnically cleansed back, ask their forgiveness, and give them their land back with compensation.

They can all live there peacefully, as one family of Semites, as they did even when we last attacked the place during the Crusades a thousand years ago.

This is their only hope as injustice never lasts.

Ask Hitler.


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