Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Apartheid comes to israel

Apartheid comes to Israel

The proposed new Citizenship Law and the Illegal Residents Law (Amendment No. 19 to the Entry into Israel Law) are much alike. Both call for a dramatic closure of Israel's gates to non-Jews, especially residents of the Palestinian Authority. Both are illegal and go against the constitution. Both rely on non-demographic arguments but are clearly aimed largely at preserving the demographic balance.
The Group Areas Act of 1950 (Act No. 41 of 1950) was an act of parliament created under the apartheid government of South Africa that assigned races to different residential and business sections in urban areas. The effect of the law was essentially to exclude any non-White from being allowed to live in established towns or to live and work in any established economically viable areas - all of which were proclaimed to be White areas. It caused many non-Whites to have to commute large distances from their homes in order to be able to work. The law led to non-Whites being forcibly removed for living in the "wrong" areas.


Blogger Yzerfontein said...

At least they have no immorality act .... no sex between blacks and whites under apartheid in South Africa....wrong wrong wrong.

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