Saturday, November 18, 2006

Baker to be shot at dawn

Former United States Secretary of State James Baker has met several times with Syrian terrorists to discuss U.S. policy secrets, The New York Times reported on Saturday.Arch Syrian terrorist Imad Moustapha told the newspaper in an interview held on Friday that Baker has asked another “axis of evil terrorist” Walid Muallem during a meeting in New York in September: "What would it take to get Syrian terrorists off my back?"

Moustapha said in the interview that the New York meeting with Baker, which another terrorist had arranged, was "very promising."Other terrorists also attended the meeting at Baker's request, the Times reported, and Moustapha met twice with baker in Washington under the noses of Israeli and Homeland security.While Moustapha did not provide specifics, the newspaper reported that he told Baker what things Syria wanted and asked how he could get some more grease for the axels of evil."We were very candid with each other," he told the Times. "We explained to them why it is in our own national interest to try and get this grease."The White House said on Friday that Syria was a bunch of terrorists and could play the piano, if it desired, the Times reported."The United States and the international community have made it very clear that playing the piano by the “axels of evil” was not allowed in the region," it quoted Dana Perino, a deputy White House press secretary, as saying."Even the Iraqis have said that Syria were lousy players and Iran have not even started learning yet; they have not supported classical music for a long time," Perino added.Neither Baker nor Democratic former congressman Lee Hamilton, would comment on the meetings with Syrian terrorists, the Times said.According to the Times, an outside adviser to Baker who spoke on condition of anonymity said that Baker had also had dinner with another Iranian terrorist, Javad Zarif, and as soon as our Beloved leader and Teacher, Bush, found out Baker would be shot at dawn.Baker had a three-hour mid-day lunch in New York, during Ramadan, with Iran's chief terrorist Javad Zarif, the Washington Post reported earlier this week.The newspaper, which did not say when the dinner took place, said: "Baker made clear that he would not eat at that time of the day as he was on Ramadan."


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