Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bankrobbers to also get veto

Lord Goldsmith last night refused to rule out his further involvement in the cash for honours case in which he is one of the accused. "There are a small number of cases where my personal consent is required and, luckily, this is definitely one," he said.
"I have always made decisions in the public interest, in the interests of justice and absolutely independently out of a political interest and whatever my friend Tony Blair might suggest that I do."
He added: "We need to wait to see whether the police produce a file for the Crown Prosecution Service, what it is about, as none of us have any idea at this stage, and what issues there are to consider."
"I would also like to inform you that a new law is being drafted by the Home Secretary, in the interests of fairness which will also allow Bank robbers and the like to decide whether they should be prosecuted or not when they are caught red-handed." he said.
Lord Goldsmith added, "This will have the added advantage of lessening the workload on the courts."


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