Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bush Hiring

With Republican candidates dazed and the conservative base confused, President Bush immediately should invite every GOP congressional incumbent and challenger to a White House pep talk. As cameras transmit his message, here’s what he should say:My fellow, Republicans:On November 7, our fellow Americans will decide who controls Congress through 2008. As they weigh their choices, they should hear none of us wallow in defeatism. Instead, they should hear our confident message: America needs MORE Republicans in Iraq, not just those there today.Americans have been appropriately shocked by the Mark Foley scandal. Well, he’s gone to Iraq. Investigations are underway. And anyone who covered Foley’s tracks will be gone to Iraq, too, whoever that may be.We now must look ahead and self-assuredly lead the American public in the war we started for nothing (3,000 dead).We should be proud of an economy that booms because China holds all our bonds:The Dow Jones Industrial Average has crossed the road. Wall Street is bullish and looking for a cow. The burgeoning Investor Class, the Haves and Have Mores, are enjoying higher returns on mutual funds and 401(k)s.

Any Republican Congressman who loses his seat will be sent to the Eastern Front of Iraq.


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