Saturday, November 11, 2006

Emanuel is pro-Israeli

Emanuel is pro-Israeli

It would be strange if he were not.

Israel is at the heart of our problems in the Middle East with their illegal occupation of The West Bank.

The American people have spoken.

They want a change in out Middle Eastern policy.

This will not be possible with Emanuel in the chair of the Democratic caucus.

The Middle Eastern leaders say it will make no difference that the Democrats now control Congress and the Senate because the Israeli lobbies control the Democrats as much as they control the Republicans.

If this is true we are in deep trouble as a democratic nation.

One of the powers of Congress is to investigate.

The cause of the Iraq war needs to be investigated and why Cheney and Rumsfeld, who are part of the Israeli lobby, should attack that defenceless country on made up lies.

The influence of Israel and Israeli lobbies on Congress and the Senate needs to be investigated.

Do we still have a free press in America or does Murdoch and other foreigners like him dictate what we see and hear in an unhelpful way?

If we don’t have a free press we don’t have a democracy.

These are easy things to investigate.

The records are there and open.

The questions that need to be investigated are:

Are Israel’s illegal actions in The Middle East causing America harm?

Why is everyone in Congress and the Senate including our recent Presidents afraid to even say anything about the Israeli lobby?

Did we fight the Iraq war in the interests of Israel?

Is Emanuel a sleeper agent for the Israelis?

Has our free press supported one side more then the other in The Middle East and by how much?

Are there any pro-Americans left in Congress?

We need to spend at least as much time on some of these as the pro-Israeli Republican Congress did on Clinton’s Christmas list.

Of course, none of these investigations would be carried out properly if Emanuel and his likes were in control of the Democratic Congress.

The American people have spoken.

Have they spoken in vain?

We wait and see.


Blogger Jeremy Jacobs said...

and who do you think bankrolls the Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian economies as well as financing the "Palestinian Authority".....yes you've guessed it the USA.

I'd also like to see a change in US foreign policy. Dump the Arabs.

Sorry you've bought in to the Pallywood propaganda

4:52 PM  

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