Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Goebbels strikes fast

The BBC’s chairman, Michael Grade, has sensationally switched-over to become executive chairman of ITV at the direct invitation of Goebbels Murdoch.

Grade’s defection will stun colleagues and cause mayhem inside the BBC and with Tessa Jowell because she supported Grade before her Cabinet superiors.

The Culture secretary said she was "disappointed about his departure and had not been told about it but that when Goebbels barks everyone, including Tony, jumps."

She said "Goebbels had called Tony and told him he was taking Grade for ITV and Tony then informed her, saying nothing could be done."

Grade, who will take up his new post in the New Year, has led the BBC’s controversial demand for a new licence fee settlement of 2.3 per cent above inflation, which, it is understood, has been resisted strongly by Tony Blair and the Chancellor Gordon Brown on the orders of Goebbels.

"Sir Richard Branson can now go to hell " said Goebbels "and as for his demand that the Government invalidates BskyB’s stake in ITV…it’s just a joke."

"I own this lousy Government," he said.


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