Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gorilla Murdoch

Sir Peter Burt of ITV said it he had rejected Branson’s offer for ITV after Gorilla Murdoch had a quiet word in his ear and instructed him to reject the offer and to give the excuse that Branson’s offer "materially undervalues" the free-to-air broadcaster.

ITV shareholders were offered 105p cash and new NTL shares worth 17p at the close of business on November 9 - valuing the deal at 122p per share.

It is believed that Burt’s decision to reject NTL's proposal was deeply affected by Sky's move on Friday when the Gorilla lashed out a billion squid.
However, Sir Richard Branson again said that Burt is already being controlled by the Gorilla.
Sir Richard had already accused the Gorilla of a cynical bid to control the British media and today, the Virgin tycoon described BskyB as an "800lb gorilla", influencing ITV's board.

The Gorilla replied "I cannot officially comment for ITV as yet but speaking personally, I fully expect to stomp Branson into the ground as I own and control both Burt and Blair.”


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